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Pastor Avis Dalrymple is a former Lecturer who has dedicated and committed her life to serving God and the body of Christ. She is a woman of infectious prayer and a prayer empowerment specialist who shares deep spiritual insights enabling and teaching groups and individuals how to understand background/generational issues that can often plague and become problematic in the life of a believer. Her teaching and transformational prayers are designed to break binding chains and negative spiritual forces regardless of their origins and successfully overturn cycles of generational and repetitive defeat through the power of prayer.

Pastor Avis has recently launched a global radio ministry Prayer Power Radio (www.AvisDalrymple Ministries) where listeners are encouraged to partner with her and experience a deeper more impacting level of prayer through her Prayer Academy where listeners are taught, mentored and coached. Pastor Avis also has downloads and other obtainable materials that will help to stimulate change and victory in every life.

Pastor Avis Dalrymple has been in ministry for 26 years and has a unique style and presentation when teaching or preaching. She is a dynamic, multi-skilled teacher of teachers, an educator at all levels, anointed pastor, leader and minister. All of her events are destined to equip and maximize the potential of attendees enabling them to reach and fulfill their God-given destinies and thereby affect the next generation.

Pastor Avis always has a prophetic now word for the situations and lives of those who attend her events and a fresh revelation from God that will break barriers and chains around the lives of individuals. She is a woman of infectious prayer and deep spiritual insights.

Get ready to be seriously blessed! As you listen to her teaching/preaching your life will be transformed, helped and you will receive healing in many different areas of your situation.

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