Christian Artists Contact Us

       Hi, Thanks for your interest in uploading your music to Prayer Power Radio.


  • We are aiming to grow the listening audience of Prayer PowerRadio, and so we have a CURRENT SPECIAL OFFER. We need eachother! We are seeking Christian Bands / Solo Artists who would like some FREE Airtime on our radio station. How about that!


  • You send us your music tracks (Max 10 tracks)
  • We play tham FREE of charge for 3 months.
  • You benefit from the free airtime
  • You get regular play slots 24/7
  • You benefit from being advertised on our 'Featured Artists' page along with your bio
  • We ask you to mention Prayer Power Radio on your website so that we can benefit from the publicity to help grow our audience.  

Contact Email address:

What you need to do:

  • Please send your music in mp3 format.
  • Please also send your bio
  • Send us a link to your website so we can advertise you fully on our website.


When your special offer expires, we will contact you to ask if you'd like to stay with us. There is no obligation to say. It's up to you!


The following will not apply to bands / artists while they are participating in the special offer.

During your special offer you will pay NO FEES at all.


After the special offer ends fees for radio air time will be payable by  hitting the donate button to donate £50 to Prayer Power Radio.

  • This will secure 3 months regular airtime.
  • We will feature your music at regular slots 24/7 for 3 months.
  •  We will promote you via Twitter and Facebook as a weekly featured artist both on the radio and on the website.
  •  You will become a permanent featured artist on our website.

More Featured Artist Packages coming soon!