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Prayer Against Fear And Terror to download and pray on your own or with your prayer group! 

Download this prayer for your personal use to pray against the spirit of fear and terror which is sweeping over the earth currently. Pray this prayer on you own, with your prayer group and church intercessors. Get people together who can agree in prayer, to pray with you about this terror and fear. Together we will raise our voices to God and reach through the realms, regions, dominions, domains, stratospheres and negative spirits which overwhelm many!                                                                                                              


Framed by Words is a recent teaching session by Pastor Avis.You will learn practical ways to help yourself to tidy up your thought life and the way you speak. You will learn from Acts chapter 12 v 1-19 how Peter tackled difficult situations by reframing his thoughts and words. We are all in some sort of prison, sometimes we have put ourselves there, but there is a way to escape. Learn how!

Audio Digital Download 99p


Every Word Counts  is a recent teaching given by Pastor Avis. The content covers the importance of taking care to use positive words, which will affect your atmosphere.

Audio Digital Download 99p



Nehemiah's Walls And How This Relates to Where You Are In Your Life, is a triple length teaching session. Pastor Avis taught this subject over 2 conferences at different locations and times. We have amalgamated both conferences here for you to get the fullness

of the subject. We advise that you take notes as you listen, in order to enhance your learning.

Audio Digital Download £6


Getting Out of Trouble was recorded at a recent WLCC Conference where Pastor Avis was teaching about the significance of the Tabernacle and how it relates as a direct picture of our Christian walk. Faith is a journey, and we all want to get to the holy of holies - but often we have problems and difficulties which prevent us from making progress. In this teaching session Pastor Avis indicates how to Get Out Of Trouble so as to continue getting closer to God.

Audio Digital Download 99p


So Teach Us To Number Our Days

So Teach Us To Number Our Days Psalm 90 v 12

Digital download teaching from Pastor Avis on God's Mathematics.

In this teaching you will learn that every day of your life is numbered. If things are quite literally not adding up in your life then you need to listen to this teaching!  

 Audio Digital DownIoad £3




God's Mathematics - How Numbers Affect Our Lives

Numbers are around us every day.Have you considered that God can speak to you through numbers?

Audio Digital download £3



Root Causes

We can encounter recurring problems in life. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves and pray through difficult problems which have become ingrained into our lives. This teaching will help you through the process.

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          PRAY OR PAY!  Recent Deep Waters Conference.             

Over 2 hours of teaching +   praying to enable you  to shift your current place.  

We must keep PRAYING and  maintain a disciplined prayer life!  otherwise we will back- slide to our old location.

Audio Digital Download £3


Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life


Powerful Prayers That Will Change Your Life


The Purpose of God's House

This recording covers teaching  on the purpose of God's House, where you will learn about the different levels of prayer and sacrifice.

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The Tabernacle and You

This recording 'The Tabernacle and You' was recorded at a recent Conference

where Pastor Avis was the main speaker. Pastor Avis is teaching about entry

level Christianity and the need to move into a deeper relationship with God,

 by using the model of the tabernacle. We should all want to move towards the

 Holy Place. May God bless you as you listen to the teaching!

 Audio Digital Download 99p


Creating a New Life

This 30 minute teaching continues from the introduction on 'Prayer Power' Internet Radio.

If you are seeking changes in your life - then this teaching is for you!

Your words 'create!' 

Once again Pastor Avis delves into scritpure to teach God's Word.

Listen, study and soak in the principles of using your words carefully.

Learn how you can help yourself to implement changes!

 Audio Digital Download 99p

By Pastor Avis Dalrymple