Listener's Feedback

I could have left a message with just my name and no one would know that I have KNOWN this woman of God personally, for over 36 years. I KNOW her character I KNOW the trials that she has experienced I KNOW that she has put her trust in God to deliver her (without asking for herself personally) I KNOW her testimony AND; I KNOW that through the POWER of PRAYER, God has blessed her 'exceeding abundantly above all that she could ask or think'.

This radio station & prayer ministry are merely some of the tools God has provided, to allow her to share her blessings with others and how they too can be richly blessed in ALL areas of their life.She speaks with the authority of experience.If it worked for Pastor Avis, it can work for you or; as the saying goes:

"The opinion of a clever man is really of no significance when compared to the man in the street who; has actually been there".

Listen Learn & Do. God bless you Pastor and thank you for your advice and friendship.

Clint Jordan (The Jordan Family)

"Wow! What a blessing it has been to be reconnected with Pastor Avis' ministry! The world has all at once got smaller and bigger! Smaller in the sense that geography is no longer a barrier, you can be anywhere in the world and get the blessing of the deep teaching, anointed prayer ministry and the undiluted word of God 24-7! It has become bigger because Pastor Avis' ministry challenges you as a Christian believer, wherever you are in your spiritual journey to "chart your progress" in fulfilling the purpose of God for your life. In a no-nonsense, clear and down to earth way Pastor Avis' ministry causes the words of life in the bible to breath life upon the valley of the dry bones. I have learned that the Word of God works if you work it and that it is not over until God says it is over, that it is never too late to grow! Know anyone who is: Lonely? Battle weary? Confused? Imprisoned? Trapped? Discouraged? Sick? Weak in faith? Please encourage them to tune into Prayer Power! I found myself stuck, overwhelmed, negative and discouraged, this ministry in just a few days has been a tremendous blessing and I have shared it with family and friends. I love Pastor Avis and the unique way God is working in and through her and I am excited about praying and fasting fervently and effectively for the glory of God's will being done! God bless and thank-you!"

Ms. Joy Rebecca Kenyon, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Thanks Message: I was Surfing through the Web for a Christian Radio Station and landed on this Station . Have been Going through Rough Times, death, alcohol, relationship , aggressiveness, bitterness n parenting I kept on listening and at one point , it was me being addressed , I started praying and asking God to break the bondage from satan for God sanctify me ,I broke down and all I can say is thank you for that day saved me and guided me back to the right path. " there is Power in Prayer". May God bless you and give you strength to keep the MInistry... OUR GOD REIGNS

Esther P

I thank God for Prayer Power it has really ignited my prayer life again.Love this station! Regina L

Thanks for being here for us! Ray G

Unbelievable station - saves my life- am crazy about this station! jrm


I remember vividly the first day I crawled into a Sunday night meeting at the community centre, where Pastor Avis was preaching. I say crawled in because that's exactly what I did, my life was a mess. I was literally on the edge of losing my mind. I remember thinking I just wanted to be in the presence of the Lord, I just wanted to feel his presence. Pastor Avis stopped her message mid sentence and allowed the Lord to minister words to comfort to me. Only He could have known what I was going through. From that day on, Pastor Avis has been a Pastor, Mentor, Mother, Teacher to me. God has used Pastor Avis to turn my life, the life of my children and marriage around. Pastor Avis’ Prayer Manual ‘Prayer Power’ has educated and enabled me to prayer effectively. I no longer walk in defeat. I live an empowered life that God has planned for me. Donna W UK